Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!

Like a number of other sports, Rugby is available for the over 35+ who wish to play – and enjoy – the Game they have loved for years … and in many cases, years and years!!

Generally, the normal Laws or Rules of the Game apply, with minor alterations… unlimited substitutions, shorter playing times, over vigorous play is discouraged and at all times, the emphasis is on – “Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!”

This is where you shall find all the Latest News about Golden Oldies Rugby, throughout Europe !

Next European Golden Oldies Rugby  Festival


The 15th European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival, will be taking place in Split, Croatia,  from the 13th – 16th June, 2019.  Split already had the opportunity to host this grandiose manifestation in 2002 (at that time being the 6th festival). They will host the 15th EGOR Festival to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of RK Nada and the 45th anniversary of Rugby ’59.
The town of Split is 1712 years old, but eternally young, which is in harmony with its Mediterranean temperament. It awaits all the European EGOR teams in their array of colors so we can celebrate together in Fun, Friendship and, Fraternity.

Many thanks to Zoran Derado and the Local Organising Committee for all their hard work so far.

Future Festivals

EGOR has several Clubs interested in Hosting the 2021 European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival…and if your Club is interested, please contact moc.ybgurseidlonedlognaeporuenull@ofni

Information on How to Organise one of our Festivals is available from the FESTIVALS Section of this Website. Contact Us, for more information.

3rd  EGOR Festival – 9  Nationalities in one Team….it was the Whisky that did it…

An Introduction Video

During early 2015, EGOR President – Dave McDonald – was working with three Media Students from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland making a DVD about Golden Oldies Rugby.

It is hoped that all involved in Golden Oldies Rugby shall find it of interest and please feel free to forward the Link to all Rugby Friends.

If you do not have a Golden Oldies Team but would like to create one and find out more,  email moc.liamgnull@ybgurseidlog

Thanks go to the Placement Students –  Kirstin Gault, Ifigeneia Moutsou and Lauren Ritchie. Well Done !