Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!

Like a number of other sports, Rugby is available for the over 35+ who wish to play – and enjoy – the Game they have loved for years … and in many cases, years and years!!

Generally, the normal Laws or Rules of the Game apply, with minor alterations… unlimited substitutions, shorter playing times, over vigorous play is discouraged and at all times, the emphasis is on – “Fun, Friendship, Fraternity and Family!”

This is where you shall find all the Latest News about Golden Oldies Rugby, throughout Europe !

3rd  EGOR Festival – 9  Nationalities in one Team….it was the Whisky that did it…

Next European Golden Oldies Rugby  Festival

 Following the very successful 12th Festival held in Prague, the next Festival Venus shall be San Sebastian, Spain…..when the 13th E.G.O.R. Festival will take place from the 11th – 14th June, 2015.

For the latest Festival Information…..and to register your interest in attending the Festival