Download – EGOR Constitution 2015


1.0       The name of the Organisation shall be the EUROPEAN GOLDEN OLDIES RUGBY

( Hereafter named EGOR ) 


2.0     The Objectives of the EGOR shall be to encourage over 35’s to participate and play Rugby, within the appropriate Laws, throughout the Countries of Europe and to assist where possible the Promotion and Development of Rugby for the over 35’s ( Golden Oldies Rugby ) throughout the Countries of Europe, as well as to encourage – Fun, Friendship and Fraternity.

2.1 EGOR Festivals shall be held every second year, always trying to source new locations where the Festival can be used to develop Rugby in the Host Venue.  If all Criteria are met, the Executive shall have the powers to allocate a Festival to any City or Club, who may have a special reason for Hosting the EGOR Festival outwith the two year cycle.  The next Festival shall be two years thereafter. 


3.0      Membership shall be open to all Rugby Players, and those interested in Rugby, over the age of 35 years and shall be available to each European Golden Oldies Rugby Team, individual Rugby Players and other Persons ( Committee ) and anyone deemed suitable.

3.1 Honorary Membership will be awarded to Rugby Persons of the highest calibre, deemed suitable by the Executive Committee.

3.2       Membership Subscriptions, shall be set at the Festival General Meeting ( FGM ).  Anyone joining EGOR outwith a Festival Year, shall pay pro rata.

3.3           Membership of any Member, found to be bringing the Objectives of the Organisation into disrepute, may be terminated by the Committee at any time for good and sufficient reason, providing that the said Member shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before a final decision is made.



4.0   Subject to the limitations of Clause 2.0 hereof, the Policy and General Management of EGOR shall be directed by a Management Committee, of eight Members, elected by Full Members at the F.G.M.


4.1       Elected Members of the Executive Committee, shall hold Office for four years from the date of the A.G.M. at which they were elected.  They shall be eligible for re – election, and remain in Office until their successors are appointed.  If for whatever reason a position becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt a person to the vacant position and they shall have full Voting Rights.  No more than half of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for change on each four year cycle.

4.2           The Membership shall appoint a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sponsorship / Marketing Director ( Executive Committee ) and have powers to appoint such other Officers as it considers necessary.   If required, a Representative of each Festival Local Organising Committee shall also join the Committee as a Liaison ahead of each Festival and they shall be eligible to Vote. An Executive Committee Liaison Officer may be appointed as a link to the LOC.

4.3           The Executive Committee shall have the power to co – opt persons who it considers could be of assistance in the Administration of its Programme and the attainment of the Organisation’s Objectives.  Such co –opted persons shall not be eligible to Vote.

4.4       The Executive Committee shall elect one representative to Rugby Europe.   They shall be elected for a period of 4 years at the General Membership Meeting and may be eligible for re – election.

4.5       The Executive Committee shall support as appropriate, all World Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals.

4.6        The Management Committee shall meet as and when required, and Convene its FGM at each Festival.

General Meetings

5.0      Every second year, at the European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival, EGOR shall convene a Festival General Meeting, to which all Members shall be invited, for the purpose of receiving the Annual Reports of the Committee and the Annual Audited Statements of Accounts; of accepting any resignations from Committee Members; Electing new Committee Members and wherever necessary, of Voting on Proposals to amend this Constitution or for any other purpose.  Teams participating at the Festival and attending the General Meeting, must be paid up current Members of European Golden Oldies Rugby.   Any Proposal, or Motion from a Member Club, to be considered at the General Meeting, must be submitted to the Secretary by twenty one days ahead of the FGM.

5.1       A Special General Meeting may be called by any Club Member at any time, if supported by at least twenty Full Members, and submitted in writing to the Secretary, who will, within twenty one days, call said Special General Meeting for the purpose of altering the Constitution or for any other purpose. 


6.0        At all Meetings, questions arising, shall be decided by a majority of those present and entitled to Vote thereat.  The President, or Meeting Chairman, shall have a deliberative Vote, and also a Casting Vote, in the case of equality.

6.1          At all Committee Meetings, five Full Members shall form a Quorum and at all General Meetings, fifteen Full Members shall form a Quorum.

6.2          Minute Books shall be kept by the Secretary, and a record of all proceedings shall be entered therein.


7.0       All monies raised by or on behalf of EGOR shall be used to further the Objectives and for no other purpose.  Said monies shall be paid into a Bank Account in the name of – European Golden Oldies Rugby at a Bank approved by the Committee.  All Cheques drawn on behalf of EGOR shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other Office Bearer.

7.1           The EGOR shall keep proper Books of Accounts, which shall be submitted for scrutiny on, request.

7.2          Annual Audited Statements of Accounts shall be submitted by the Committee to the F.G.M.

7.3          The EGOR Financial Year shall run from April to March in each year.


8.0       If the Committee by a majority decides at any time it is necessary or advisable to   dissolve the EGOR, it shall call a Meeting of not less than twenty one days notice, of all Members; stating the Terms of the Resolution to be proposed thereat.

8.1       Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper Debts and Liabilities shall be applied towards the benefit of European Golden Oldies Rugby, European Youth Rugby, or any suitable Rugby Charity

This updated Constitution, originally Agreed and Adopted by the Members at the 6th European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival in Split, 2002 was Agreed and Adopted by the Members at the 13th European Golden Oldies Rugby Festival in San Sebastian, 2015



Chairman           Dave McDonald                          

Secretary           Matthias Schenker

June 2015